Training Integrates the Warrior and the Weapon to Become One

SWORD’s Instructional Systems Design (ISD) experts develop customized courses and curriculum for both conventional classroom, in-field, and web-delivered venues.
Training services include:

  • For the Bench Technician – Use, repair and routine maintenance
  • For the Warrior – Use and field maintenance
  • For the Trainer – Train-the-trainer programs for technicians and warriors
SWORD provides Israeli training on Counter-terrorism, Detection and Response via ASTI.

Key Discriminator: Certified Training Programs

SWORD is a certified trainer in systems and specialty engineering; offering certificate programs, workshops, and in-field training.
Our small arms and special weapons training programs are built on SWORD’s long-established foundation of engineering and Instructional System Design discipline.

SWORD has certified NRA Trainers. We offer a broad range of training capabilities including:

  • Over 40 turnkey courses available at present
  • Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instruction
  • Basic and Advanced Courses
  • Offensive and Defensive Training
  • Training the Instructors and Coaches
  • Safety Training for Warriors, Range Officers, and Instructors

See Examples of Training Courses

SWORD offers over 40 standard courses and designs specialized courses on demand. Here we feature two of our programs.

Foreign Weapons Armorer/Operator

Teaches a thorough understanding of non-US weapons typically encountered in client-specified combat zones.

This five -day course is a special familiarization and operator course designed to ensure that the attendee has a thorough understanding of the non-US weapons typically encountered in the various combat zones around the world. The course can be tailored to theater or to special needs of the attendees. General handguns and rifles are a lighter treatment as needed; the course concentrates on the AK and PKM series as well as the larger machine guns and launchers. The general course is as follows. Day and time of covering which firearms will be adjusted according to the needs of the class:

  • Day 1: Rifles and Handguns
  • Day 2 & 3: AK series, RPD, and PKM series, RPG systems
  • Day 4: SVD, DSHK, NSV, AGS-17, KPV/ZPU
  • Day 5: Live fire at range

RPG-7 Training

Provides the warrior with a comprehensive knowledge of the famous Soviet recoilless rifle system

It is taught in a manner to help the attendee fully understand this prolific and arguably best vehicle killer on the battlefield. These quickly reloadable recoilless rifles are typically mis-labeled as “Rocket-Propelled Grenade” launchers, and the attendee gains a thorough understanding of the history and function of both recoilless rifles and rocket launchers in the course. Covered are the RPG-2, RPG-7, the Soviet and Chinese families and their descendants, uses in theatre, anomalies, disassembly and armorer tips, optics and sighting, as well as ammunition variants.