Our Systems Engineering Pedigree Shows

SWORD’s heritage is systems engineering. We are always mindful of the system lifecycle and are skilled at addressing the needs, costs, risks and overall utility of a design, from concept to end-of-life.

We help clients transform users’ needs into useful designs that promote operational effectiveness, affordability and sustainability.

We are experts in the complex Federal acquisition process. Our lifecycle SE processes ensure weapon systems and munitions are safe, reliable, sustainable, and meet mission requirements.

We have Access to Highly Sought, Non-Standard Products

SWORD is experienced at identifying and vetting open market and DoD-developed solutions.

We maintain an expert knowledge-base, tracing the US DoD’s historical and worldwide use of small arms, including “non-standard” weapons.

We have relationships with vetted partners worldwide, including Bulgaria, Estonia, Ukraine, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Israel, and others. Some of these companies have reach beyond their countries, enabling special access.

Recent Example

SWORD personnel helped develop the acquisition strategy for the Special Operations Modification (SOPMOD) Program for US Special Operations. This included a review of existing technologies and comparing that to needs of the soldier for special missions.