Small Arms And Specialty Weapons

We have access to best-in-breed and non-standard small arms, crew-served weapons, and specialty explosives; including their ammunition and support equipment

SWORD has the Specialty Weapons Systems to Support the Most Difficult Missions. SWORD has Access to Many Non Standard Weapon Systems.

SWORD has Worldwide Delivery and Support made possible by:

  • Extensive Field Logistics Expertise
  • Seasoned Project Management
  • Cultural and Linguistic Expertise
  • Diverse User and Technician Training Programs
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Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems

We offer ISR systems and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to support tactical, strategic, and reconnaissance missions

Key Discriminators

Our Partners Have Special Access

We have both American and worldwide manufacturer connections. Some of our partners have “reach” beyond the products made in their own countries, affording us special foreign weapons access.

Recent Example

Dragunov Sniper Rifle (Bulgarian)

The Bulgarian Dragunov Sniper Rifle is a highly-relevant example of a powerful nonstandard weapon

SWORD has an exclusive deal with the manufacturer and uses extensive ISO 9001 Quality Efforts to ensure superior build quality.

We Have Core Skills that Smooth the Process

SWORD maintains active DoD consulting practices in acquisition, field logistics, and cross-cultural understanding. We leverage them here to acquire, integrate, and deliver what our warriors need, anywhere, including high-risk environments.

In Country Support




SWORD applied its Feld Logistics and Training expertise to support Alion Science and Technology in Afghanistan

Our Experience in Action

Weapon: MRAD Sniper Rifle
Mfr: Barrett Firearms
Customer: U.S. Navy
The MRAD is a bolt-action sniper rifle designed specifically to meet the requirements of the U.S. SOCOM.

Under our Navy customer’s aggressive timetable, SWORD acquired these high-end sniper rifles, as a complete Sniper System with Night Vision and other required accessories.

Weapon: MGA SAW K Machine Gun
Mfr: US Machine Gun Armory, LL
Customer: U.S. Navy
The SAW K is the World’s smallest belt fed machine gun.

SWORD acquired it for test and evaluation on behalf of our Navy customer.

Weapon: Carl-Gustaf® Recoilless Rifle
Customer: U.S. Navy, Army, Marines
The Gustaf is an 84 mm Multi-purpose Anti-armor Anti-personnel Weapon System (MAAWS). This post-WWII weapon is still in demand today by multiple nations.

SWORD leveraged its deep Acquisition and Systems Engineering expertise to determine exactly what our customers needed. Our Field Logistics specialists determined how to get shipments through customs in compliance with importation legislation.