Services Overview


Identify and manage the needs, costs, risks and overall utility of the design, from concept to end-of-life


Optimize support strategies based on planning, analyses, and trade-offs. Seek solutions that are compatible with continuous affordability improvement

Customization Repair Maintenance

Leverage our industry partner heavyweights to modify systems and deliver turnkey solutions with technology transfer


Customize courses and curriculum for the bench technician, soldier, and trainer; delivered in-classroom, in-field, and virtually

Project Management

Designed around the complex DoD acquisition process and proven in the multi-national, multi-cultural war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan

Core expertise and DoD consulting practice, including and extending beyond special weapons

SWORD is Always Focused on the Mission

Our heritage is Systems Engineering, so from the start, we focus on maximizing the force multiplier effect and enabling successful outcomes.

SWORD performs any combination of our Specialized Services to meet each customer’s needs.