How we Relate to our Customers

Borne out of our Systems Engineering heritage, AAC takes a holistic view of the warrior’s mission and needs. We don’t “think” like a transaction-oriented vendor. Instead, we consider ourselves an Outfitter.

What it Means to Be an Outfitter

Like all vendors, we provide products and services. But the Outfitter mindset, embedded in our approach, is always focused on successful outcomes. AAC quest is always to maximize Force Multiplier Value to the warrior and the mission. We perform some or all of these specialized services for each customer:

  • Source very specific products, often on tight timetables
  • Modify them as ordered then test to ensure safety and quality
  • Deliver them to diverse environments, sometimes high-risk
  • Train warriors and technicians how to use and maintain them
  • Repair and return them, with minimal customer disruption
High End Foreign Night Vision
Customized Accessories for the Special Operator
State of the Art Comms and ISR
Wide Range of Non-Standard Ammo
Non-Standard Guns and Accessories

Our Customers

We work with U.S. Special Operations Forces and other specialized organizations within DoD, Federal Law Enforcement, and National Security.

Our Partners

AAC partners and creates synergies with some of America’s most prominent and innovative defense companies. We utilize their laboratories, test ranges, and other resources. They benefit from AAC’s special weapons access and our teaching-level knowledge of the complex U.S. acquisition process. On contract, we work with these companies as a value-adding subcontractor and as a small business prime.