Life Cycle Logistics Driven by a Validated Strategy

SWORD is an expert in the pre-acquisition, acquisition, and sustainment phases of the special weapons system lifecycle. Our logistics engineers help customers define an optimal support strategy that is based on planning, analyses, and trade-offs. We focus on solutions that are compatible with continuous affordability improvements throughout the product life cycle.

SWORD employs the most modern techniques in logistics simulation, modeling, and architecting, to promote optimal performance integrated with sustainability.

It Will Be There

By air, ground, and sea transportation; and in coordination with our clients’ logistics support channels, SWORD delivers what we sell, anywhere in the world, in a secure and timely manner.

In-stream Transfer of Precious Cargo to U.S. Army Logistics Support Vessel. On its way to Kuwait Naval Base.

Key Discriminator: Cross-cultural Understanding and Linguistics

SWORD consults worldwide on cross-cultural understanding and linguistics. We leverage this expertise to create synergies for delivery to high-risk environments, managing import and customs complications, and ensuring in-country safe passage.

Key Discriminator: Logistics and Sustainment

SWORD consults to several DoD agencies on logistics and sustainment. We also train their people. And we leverage this expertise to create Customized Supply Chain Management solutions for our customers.