Customization, Repair & Maintenance

Customization, Repair & Maintenance


SWORD leverages the extensive hardware and software engineering capabilities our industry partner heavyweights to modify military systems and deliver turnkey solutions. We also offer technology transfer services.

We have access to test facilities and proving grounds at Ft. Drum. For unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) testing, we have access to the FAA UAS Test Site at nearby Griffiss Int’l Airport.

SWORD can design and Integrate Existing Systems to provide advanced capabilities for Special Missions

Repair and Maintenance

SWORD applies our expertise with non-standard weapons to their customization, repair and standard maintenance.

We have a network of machine shops (ours and our partners’), all with significant small arms and gunsmithing expertise. We can establish field depots wherever they are needed.

Repair Centers Where you Need Them

AAC developed the idea for SOCOM’s Mobile Technology Repair Center (MTRC). The program was vetted at NSWC Crane under the Special Operations Peculiar MODification (SOPMOD) program.

OCUNUS Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Location